[thelist] partitioning part of Windows Vista HD to install Fedora

misterhaan misterhaan at track7.org
Thu Feb 28 11:53:45 CST 2008

Bruce Gilbert wrote:
> Has anyone installed Fedora or another Linux installation while
> primarily running Windoes Vista?

I'm running Ubuntu and Vista on a single 80-gig drive.  It's not 
significantly different with Vista than it was with XP.  Here's the 
basic steps I took:

1.  Using qtparted from a linux rescue disc, create a 60-gig ntfs 
partition at the end of the disc, and leave the 20-gig at the beginning 
unpartitioned.  If Vista is already installed and you don't want to 
reinstall it, resize the partition and move it to the end of the disk 
instead, then go to step 3.
2.  Run a normal Vista install onto the 60-gig partition.
3.  Run a normal Ubuntu install using the unpartitioned 20-gig space.

At this point the GRUB menu lets you select Ubuntu or Vista, with Ubuntu 
as the default and a 10-second timeout.  Customize as you like from there.

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