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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sun Mar 2 19:34:43 CST 2008

On 2008/03/03 13:57 (GMT+1300) Paul Bennett apparently typed:

> I've recently taken the plunge and installed Novell Suse Linux 10 Desktop on a machine. Trouble is when I boot it up all I get is a command prompt and nothing happens.

Is that the retail long term support/enterprise product? The names of the
retail products and version differences from the OpenSUSE releases keep me
guessing. :-p

> Any ideas on how to fix?

Login as root, then do 'runlevel'. If it reports 3, do 'init 5'. If it
reports 5, do 'init 3', then 'sax2', and if successful, 'init 5'. If you're
not in a GUI login or desktop at this point, ask on the opensuse mailing list
about what to try next, as the installer had some kind of problem configuring
your video hardware. If your video hardware is newer than OpenSUSE 10, you'll
get better results from some newer version that's at least 6 months newer
than your video hardware. Current is 10.3. 10.2 is on my web server now,
previously 10.0. 11.0 is due out in June.

If you have the supported retail product, you should qualify for installation
help by phone for free, as installation isn't considered complete until the
GUI desktop is working properly.

mailto:opensuse+subscribe at opensuse.org for community help.
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