[thelist] Digital Signature of Documents

Carlos Zenteno cmzente at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 16:51:20 CST 2008

Hi all,
We want to digitally sign all our communications with our clients (contracts, proposals, briefs,
mockups, etc) avoiding the need to print-sign-fax/scan cycle.  We have a workflow software
and a document repository already set up for this purpose, all we need now is an easy way
to have our clients get their keys (private and public) via our website so they do not have to 
download any client or program.

Ideally, they go to our website, login to it, go to the get keys and then when a document is
ready for them to review and sign, the workflow software will email them the document, 
they will open it in doc or pdf format and will digitally sign it before clicking OK and have
the WFS send it to the next person in the workflow.

We have found a couple of online services that do this BUT they want to host the documents
and we do not want to host them externally.

Any advice in software (preferrably open source) to do this will be welcome as well as any
advice and experience with digital signatures procedures.

Thanks a lot in advance...


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