[thelist] Digital Signature of Documents

Carlos Zenteno cmzente at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 7 15:00:11 CST 2008

Thanks for all the responses so far... very interesting and educating.

We are just trying to mimic what www.middlepost.com does...
we use CuteFlow (open source) as workflow in conjuction with
OWL (open source) document repository.

We can configure a circulation in CF adding documents from OWL.
OWL keeps the versioning of the documents along with check-in and
check-out and CF keeps de revision of the circulation.  So if we send the
Contract 1.3 to the customer(s) they can return for modification or sign it.

We thought that we could somehow just include digital signatures easily but
seems that it is a daunting task.

We reviewed SAFE as recommended.  They have an app to issue the keys, 
they go to the notary to identify the person with proper IDs, they issue the key in
a hardware token or a smart-card and they use Adobe Acrobat, Reader and LifeCycle
to manage the signing of documents.  Way to expensive and complicated for us!

We can probably do with Seahorse(linux) or GPGee (windows) so that our customers
get their keys and send us their public one so we can verify signatures.  BUT then
what do we use for the actual signing of the docs?  Most of the software out there deals
with signing and encryting email communications...   We could sign them in doc format
(OpenOffice has the hability of doing that) but we would prefer to use PDF...
seems that only Adobe can do it right now....

Thanks again...


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