[thelist] FCK implementation in a PHP environment

Ran Mano rm at manointeractive.com
Sun Mar 9 21:22:16 CDT 2008

I'm attempting to create a bare-bones CMS for a client on an archaic server.  PHP 4 is installed on the box but MySQL is out of the question.  I've inherited the situation and don't have the time or mandate to change the server.

The FCK web-based HTML editor is well regarded and fairly flexible.   I downloaded and installed it on the client server, but have run into trouble configuring it.  How does FCK open/save files?  Editing features are robust, but I would like for my client to open, edit and save just one file.  I've been through the FCK documentation, but its geared more towards robust applications than my tiny project.

If someone has rudimentary implementation advise, please send my way ... it would be greatly appreciated.
Ran Mano

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