[thelist] xslt how to format a date?

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Mar 10 18:26:54 CDT 2008

The best-est place on the web to go for XSLT info is here:


The best fit (with some edits) for your needs would be:


An alternative question is where are you getting the date, or what's putting it into XML for you. Maybe you can go back to that data source and pull the date formatted in the style you want.

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Subject: [thelist] xslt how to format a date?

> I am having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to format a date 
> within a .xsl document.
> <xsl:value-of select="EndDate" />
> This returns, of course, the EndDate value from an xml document.  But, it 
> returns it as: 4/13/2007 12:00:00 AM.  I want April 13.  I've been reading 
> up on templates, but the examples I find are literally hundreds of lines. 
> Really?  Come on!!  There must be a better way to do this, isn't there?
> Thanks,
> Casey 

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