[thelist] Non-Js versions of JS enabled apps

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 08:34:08 CDT 2008

On 13 Mar 2008, at 08:28, Christian Heilmann wrote:

> Erm no, this actually is progressive enhancement. Graceful degredation
> would be to build something extra that makes it work on older  
> environments.
> PE: Use a real link and enhance it with the DOM to do something  
> different
> GD: Use a script and a link in a NOSCRIPT tag

...which is rather like the difference between bribery and blackmail.  
In both, you end up with a better situation by complying than not  
complying. The difference is in the default case - what you would have  
without the choice. It's a semantic difference (which isn't the same  
as a non-difference).

Oh, and to answer the original question: accessibility, which in an  
increasing number of jurisdictions, has force of law behind it. And  
sometimes the surprising backing of clients.

(who has recently finished a year's work for a huge media client whose  
CEO is reported to be taking a personal interest in the level of  
accessibility of the key Flash app that forms the front end of the  

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