[thelist] cookie monsters!

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 16:35:54 CDT 2008

Brian Cummiskey scribeva in 03/13/2008 05:59 PM:
> Having a weird problem with a client site.  The whole site gets locked 
> up and redirects to a default index.asp page (which doesn't even exist) 
> and display the generic IIS 404 page until you close entirely out of the 
> browser and start a new session.
> I think I've narrowed it down to the fact that the item detail page that 
> triggers the problem is called "Drop XXXXX"
> We set a cookie on the product name.
> response.cookies("PRODUCTS") = itemname
> Does anyone know if Drop is some sort of keyword? that would cause a 
> browser to go crazy?
> it happens in both firefox and ie7.

I've never heard of such cookie keyword. When exactly does this problem 
- when the server sends the problem cookie to the client (i.e. can you 
view the product's page ok?)
- or when the client sends the problem back to the server on subsequent 
requests (i.e. the problem appears only after you navigate away from the 
product's page)

And Chris' suggestion is very good: have a look what actual headers the 
server sends. Does it actually send "Set-Cookie: product=Drop+XXXXX"? I 
did a quick test with a PHP/Apache site, and "Drop" as cookie value 
didn't cause anything unusual, so I'd imagine the problem lies with ASP/IIS.


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