[thelist] problems with proxy in Barcelona area

Joan Olivé i Mallafrè jolive at tinet.org
Mon Mar 17 05:01:03 CDT 2008

Good day,

I'm very troubled due to the missfunction of the site: www.cinesmontcada.com and concretelly to the proxy's refreshment process

The fact is that this client must change the content each week, but in the Barcelona area, the most traffic is arriving through the Telefonica de España proxy, this proxy doen't refresh the content for even 3 week late...

In past week, I've changed the index.html page to "principal.html" and in index.html I've settled: <a href="http://cinesmontcada.com/principal.html" >

As far as I knew, this ought to be sufficient to by-pass the proxy, but now, somebody comes to me saying that the contents she can see are 3 weeks older!

Please, have you any advise in order to avoid this problem?

Thanks a lot from Barcelona
Joan Olivé i Mallafrè

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