[thelist] Blog vs CMS?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Mar 19 13:04:19 CDT 2008

Randal Rust said:

>>I *do* think that anything that allows you to enter content is,
>>on some level, a CMS. However, there is a massive difference
>>between Wordpress, Joomla and and enterprise-level CMS.

Hi Randal,

I pretty much agree.  The only thing I really wanted to add on was that I'm pretty sure that the more high-powered or 'enterprise' level CMS solutions allow you to manage content other than simple text.  I generally think of the issues involved with collaborating on, revising, documenting workflow approval dates, and publication of architectural drawings as an application for a CMS ... rather than a blog.  But I suppose that managing recorded lecture audiofiles, newspaper photo archives, and collections of submitted resumes (in differing file formats as well as, conceivably, differing languages and character sets) might also be applications where I might recommend the consideration of a CMS ... but probably not a blog.


>>Along those lines, there are brown bears, black bears and panda bears:)
... and spectacled bears, Kodiak bears, and that most dreaded of creatures; the bugbear!

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