[thelist] Intranet and permissions

ftarzwell at fayec.com ftarzwell at fayec.com
Mon Mar 24 09:07:20 CDT 2008


We have a few applications running on an intranet server where the ftp user
is different that the user used by the applications for uploads. We have
found that in some cases the applications were not being allowed to upload
due to certain permissions.
A request was put in to change the permissions on the folders used by the
applications to 777 but we have been told that this causes security issues.
We haven't been able to get any details on that.

I am now puzzled by this since I always thought that since this was an
internal server not accessible to the "outer world" that it would be
impossible to be breached even if all folders were set at 777.
Can anybody give me a better explanation on the security issues of having
777 permissions on folders in an intranet?

Thank you in advance,


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