[thelist] Viewing content of HTML redirect

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 14:10:17 CDT 2008

Julian Rickards wrote:
> If you go to http://ontario.ca/mininglands, there seems to be a bit of a
> pause as the redirect takes you to
> http://www.mndm.gov.on.ca/mndm/mines/lands/default_e.asp. It is my belief
> that the redirect is an HTML redirect (and not a server-based one) because
> of the pause.
> Is there anyway of viewing the redirect page before it quickly disappears?

In Firefox, type this in your address bar:


This site appears to use an HTTP redirect, and not an HTML one, because I'm
shown the source for

*This* page does use an HTML redirect, using <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
CONTENT="0; URL=/mbs/keywords/keywords.nsf/GoTo/mininglands?OpenDocument">

*That* page also uses an HTML redirect, using <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.mndm.gov.on.ca/mndm/mines/lands/default_e.asp">

So you've got a triple redirect on your hands there.


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