[thelist] Viewing content of HTML redirect

Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 16:24:53 CDT 2008

Thanks people!!!

BTW, I meant HTTP redirect, not HTML. However, contrary to Brian's
suggestion, I didn't think it was a response.redirect because I have used
that before and I saw no "blips".

The issue that I am trying to address is a pretty basic one: the HTTP
redirects are somewhat inaccessible because screen reader software read out
the content of the redirect page and then read out the content of the final
page. Ideally, this type of redirect should have been done using
response.redirect or some other server-type redirect so the "blips" and
screen reader announcements don't appear.

I work for the Ontario government but the code that is used to create these
redirects are not created by me but by a central agency (we submit the
keyword we want used and the URL of the page and they create the redirect).

Thanks again,


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