[thelist] Max capacity of WordPress

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Mar 25 11:04:50 CDT 2008

Jeffrey Barke asked about WP user limits:

>>Theoretically, I know the limit is the datatype,

Hi Jeffrey,

Datatype may be one of the theoretical limits to growth, but I think 'level of magnitude' growth might be more likely to see folks run into practical performance issues due to network configuration/topology and your backend hardware.

Hosting 10,000 users on a geographically diverse, multiply redundant server farm with fat pipe interconnection might run exceedingly smoothly.  On the other hand, hosting 1,000 users on an underpowered old laptop sitting in your living room on a single dialup line ... that _might_ not provide 'adequate' performance.

Software is one piece of the performance puzzle, but not the only piece.


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