[thelist] Real human keyword figure-outer

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Wed Mar 26 02:10:02 CDT 2008

> While you can easily see what search terms people are using to find your
> site via the log files, it's not easy to tell which terms people SHOULD
> be finding your site by.

Ugh, I have a cold, so my brain is having a hard time describing this...

Let's say you look at your site stats and find a list of the top ten
keywords/phrases that brought people to your site. With the right stats
package, you could dig a little deeper and figure out which of those
search terms were really successful. For example, if someone searches
"foo" and lands on your site but doesn't click through to a second page,
one could guess that they didn't find what they were really looking for.
However, if someone searches "bar" and lands on your site and clicks
around to several pages, likely they did find what they were looking
for. This investigation would then tell you which search terms users
*should* be using to find your site.

Hope this makes senses (and wasn't too long winded).

Good luck!

sarah adams
web developer & programmer

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