[thelist] Weird, intermittent site outage

Cancilla, Dominick dcancilla at calwater.com
Wed Mar 26 11:54:56 CDT 2008

A client of mine is having a strange problem with his WordPress blog.
About three quarters of the time, when he tries to access his blog (to
either view or administer it) from home, he gets a message that the Web
site was not found - as if it didn't exist.
I can see his site fine 100% of the time from my office, and the company
that hosts the site says it is not having any down time (and other sites
I host with them are not having down time). My thought was that the
problem was with his ISP (Verizon), but their phone support people seem
completely unable to even understand the concept of a DNS problem -
their help ended with suggestions that my client try turning off his and
restarting his computer.
I haven't a clue what could be causing this and don't even know what to
try next. It's been going on for about three weeks. Because my client's
blog is about religious discussion, he worries that this is some kind of
hacker attack, but I can't think of any kind of attack that would cause
this problem (not that I know much about the subject).
Any suggestions?
If visiting the site would help, it's at:

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