[thelist] Hide entire directory from search engines?

Gersten, John JGERSTEN at lchb.com
Fri Mar 28 17:08:01 CDT 2008

It's not specific crawlers/bots I'm worried about; I need to stick some "include" content somewhere, and if I put it "above" the site root (which I realize is optimal for security, etc.) then my paths get long, plus there are some issues of convenience in terms of creating the pages that pull toward a "downward" location. So while I'm happy to have the crawlers find and index the pages using the pulled content, I don't want to confuse things by having the material show up twice as far as the bots are concerned. Does that make sense?

I have a feeling I'll end up moving the content above the site root in the end, but I was hoping for something to support what is essentially my construction-laziness.

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Or if you want to disable specific bots and crawlers, you could use
htaccess to block them

* Hassan Schroeder wrote, On 28/03/2008 4:10 PM:
> On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Gersten, John <JGERSTEN at lchb.com> wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a way to conceal entire directories from crawlers, etc.?
> Password protecting it would be one, since robots.txt is only a serving
> suggestion  :-)


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