[thelist] [javascript] Window.onload > YUI vs. Prototype

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Mon Apr 7 15:19:11 CDT 2008

Really? I may end up doing this, but the workflow would end up like this:

1. Find & replace all edited files (100+)
2. test
3. transfer all changed files from local development to test server
4. sftp all changed files from test server to live server
5. check in all changed local files to the repository
(learn nothing and no guarantee this won't happen again)

If I edit the JavaScript, my workflow looks like this
1. edit & test js file
2. transfer 1 file to test server
3. sftp 1 file to live server
4. check 1 file back in
(learn something and safeguard against future stuff-ups)


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