[thelist] Table top margin: FF woes

Ken Snyder kendsnyder at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 16:45:46 CDT 2008

Julian Rickards wrote:
> Can't! The portion of the page that is invalid is generated by ASP
> includes (i.e., the included code is invalid, not my work). However, I
> have stripped out the includes leaving just the information that I am
> interested in (it is now valid). Still, I see space between the
> caption and the top of the table (i.e. the borders) in FF but not in
> IE, Opera or Safari.
> Jules
Looks like a Gecko bug or just a browser inconsistency.  Even if 
margin-top is explicitly set to 0 on caption, Gecko still applies the 
padding between the caption and the table. 

There are several work arounds:
- Apply margin-top: 15px to caption and margin-top: 0 to the table
- Wrap the table in a div and apply top margin to the div
- Use an h3 instead of caption
- Use the css caption-side property to move the caption to the left: 
#policies table caption { caption-side: left; } (see 

- Ken Snyder

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