[thelist] Subversion - Multiple Concurrent Projects

Chris Marsh chris.marsh at priocept.com
Wed Apr 9 04:56:09 CDT 2008


We have a Subversion trunk that represents a system. The business
generates work requests and projects to change parts of this system.
These work requests and projects may be concurrent, and affect different
parts of the system.

Currently for each work request or project, we create a code branch from
the trunk. We then complete the work, and merge the branch with the
trunk. The product is then tested in our environment, and released.
Files are released from the *branch*, and the file-set to release is
generated by diff-ing the Subversion revision when the branch was
created, and the last available revision for the branch.

This works pretty well when the work requests and projects are released
in the same order that they were commissioned. However we now have a
backlog of releases, which are being requested out of order. This means
that the method of identifying code to be released no longer works
automatically, as files in a given branch that have not been altered in
the lifetime of this branch actually contain changes from another branch
(introducing dependencies on code that is not included in the release).
There is also the issue of files that have been changed in multiple
branches being released in the wrong order, resulting in regression

I can think of certain ways to mitigate this situation, but I would be
interested to hear if anyone else has been in this situation or has any
insight to offer.

Many thanks for any assistance.


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