[thelist] CSS Naked Day

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 14:09:59 CDT 2008

r937 wrote:
> i'm surprised CSS Naked Day* has received so little attention this year
> i first did it last year, but heard about it again only this morning --  
> luckily it was easy for me to "drop my pants" immediately (as it were)
> there seems to have been no mention of it on evolt at all
> i guess the buzz needed more promotion :(
> so just to help it out a bit, i'm staying naked till next week
Well what does it prove? That blogs with out of the box templates work 
OK without CSS? The list of sites supporting it is full of SEO hungry 
sites like nude galleries, real estate people and other web nuisances. 
Nobody cared about the last few CSS naked days, it is not really hitting 
where it should hurt.

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