[thelist] float text around image with absolute position

Pam Griffith pamgriffith at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:45:32 CDT 2008

I have a column of text.  There is an image that is the same width as
the column that needs to appear about 200px down from the top of the
column with text above and below.  The graphic designer wants the
image to be in exactly the same position in every column on every
page--now this can be done if we insert the image manually into
specific points in the text for every column, but this is pretty
tedious for the number of columns involved, especially if we later
decide to raise or lower the images or the text size changes, etc.

What would be really nice is if we could put the image tag at the top
of the column text and tell it to be 200px down from the top such that
the text would wrap around above and below, but I've been playing with
floats and positions and stuff like that but I cannot figure out any
way to do that.  I think there probably isn't one, but I figured I'd
ask the experts here before giving up completely.

Pam Griffith

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