[thelist] Implementing a Content Delivery Network

ryan ryan at northxsouth.com
Fri Apr 11 10:42:14 CDT 2008

Randal Rust wrote:
> So what would our options be? Set up a second server that is used to
> manage the images? Like images.example.com?


Unfortunately, this project won't immediately help you but some people 
might be interested in the new distributed Content Storage & Delivery 
Network being worked on as a project of the Independent Media Center, 
primarily being discussed at the various Techmeet Developer Summits that 
have happened the last two years (and this year).

The architecture of the proposed CDN is pretty interesting. It includes 
webservers, mid-tier servers running ICE (Internet Communications 
Engine) and a MySQL backend (configured however, probably with 
geographically-distributed replication).

This project, incidentally, is seeking volunteer developers if this 
sounds interesting to anyone reading this. The main goals of the project 
are specific to problems that the Independent Media Centers have had:

1) making the network impervious to 'server seizures' by law enforcement 
in any country (IMC has 150+ nodes all over the world, operating under 
all kinds of governments),

2) making the network impervious to data loss,

3) making the network impervious to DMCA take-down orders or other 
reasons why a given provider might force a particular server to 'power off'

The idea is that there are many webservers, many mid-tier servers and 
many backend servers. The loss of any *one* machine won't make a bit of 
difference in the storage or delivery of any content.

Here are some places you kind find more information on this:
1) Primary development site is http://dev.bunke.indymedia.org/
2) More info on the Techmeet Summits can be found at 
3) More info on IMC-Tech can be found at http://tech.indymedia.org/

And! If you're in San Francisco and going to LUG-Radio this weekend at 
the Metreon, stop by the San Francisco Community Colo table for more 
information on all this and more! We'll be there and would love to talk 
with anyone else who is interested in this stuff. :)

P.S. I'm originally from NE Ohio -- go Browns/Buckeyes!

ryan bagueros

415.887.7690 tel
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san francisco, california
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