[thelist] Open-Source Social application PHP

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Apr 17 11:14:17 CDT 2008

Check out www.kickapps.com

It's a service, not a application you can install locally, but it's free, 
has the features you mention (and more), and the free version being 
ad-supported will make the user experience very "similar to myspace" :-)

I don't use it currently (The My-SpaceBook-FaceJournal fad actually has me 
all LinkedOut and has actually pushed me more toward *antisocial* 
networking) but I did some work for a client recently integrating their 
site with the service and it's a pretty easy way to (cheaply and easily) 
dip your toe into the sea of "Social Media Applications" out there, that 
people always seem to be asking for these days.


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> Hi there,
> I want to add a "social" application to my site, did anybody of you
> have some experience and some suggestion
> on this, I would prefer some open-source app written in PHP .
> The main thing I need is that user can have his/her own page where he
> can add images add friends ... similar to myspace.
> I can write my own but it can take lot of time to make it perfect and
> I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
> Bojan Tesanovic
> http://www.carster.us/
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