[thelist] different country spellings and searches

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 09:59:43 CDT 2008

Birdie scribeva in 2008-04-18 15:38:
> British people spell jewellery like this.
> If my client wants to market her products in the US where they spell it
> jewelry, will this greatly effect searches in say google ?

Some random thoughts on this.

You could use both on the same page, e.g. "we sell some fine jewellery 
(or our friends across the pond would say 'jewelry') in our shop..." At 
least use both in the meta keywords.

If you decide to use only one spelling, use appropriate http headers 
(and/or meta tags): en-us or en-gb.

Also worthwhile googling for both variants, see if how many results, if 
Google suggests different spelling for either, etc. Ponder these 
together with the anticipated sales in UK/US.

Google returns about 64,700,000 for jewellery and 272,000,000 for 
jewelry, and both return the same page at #1.


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