[thelist] vertical alignment of text in table cells

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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This is probably really old news to this list, but I hope it helps someone!
I include the style sheet, as usual,
<link href="styles-utility-ie.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
And then I put this link:

<!--[if IE]><link href="styles-utility-ie.css" rel="stylesheet"

Only IE will see this style sheet, and I only put css on the ie style sheet
that are not working in IE, everything else is styled from the other sheet.
Since it is after the real style sheet, IE will follow the second sheet
since it executes the last command/whatever you would call this. So I can
fix all the one pixel off places and other stuff.

There are other ways of doing this too, like all IE versions less than 6 or
something, it was on MSDN.com:


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> For IE/6.0
> * html #peopleinfo tr {
> padding-bottom:0;
> }

or how 'bout I remove that for *all* browsers, which creates exactly what I

d'oh. coming down with a cold, so that thing in my head is merely preventing
skull collapse

thanks David. and thanks for the CSS method, Krystian; may just implement
that when that thing in my head returns to operative status.


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