[thelist] PHP & IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003 - serves blank pages

Chris Dempsey chris at gettheedgeonline.com
Sat Apr 19 08:18:42 CDT 2008

Hi All,


I followed the guide at
003.html] to get a manual install of PHP 5 on our Small Business Server
in the office.


IIS will serve pages with basic PHP - echo 'hello', phpinfo() etc. but
when I point a browser at a page with MySQL database connection nothing
is sent to the browser at all, just a blank page with no code in the
source.  The page I'm trying to see is a working page that runs fine in
a live environment both on a dedicated box running linux and a shared
box running windows.


I have turned on the show error display in php.ini and enabled error
logging but on the office server no errors are displayed or recorded
when the blank page is served.


If I try to call a page with just include('doesn't-exist.inc'); the
usual 'invalid file name' error is shown by the php engine and the rest
of the page renders as expected.


Can anyone advise where I need to be looking to try and track the source
of the error?






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