[thelist] Setting PHP variables...

Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 03:29:11 CDT 2008

Hi all...
I'm on site this week and working on a project that the server has
Global Variables turned off(I know I know, I SHOULD be doing that by

Anyhoo, When I needed something dynamic, I simply did:
if (isset($_SESSION["userId"])) {
  $showMessage = "welcome";

However on this server, I was getting error messages stating that the
variable was not set.

If I added a blank variable at the top of the code ' $showMessage = "";  '
that 'fixed' the big.
However, now I have a list of about 30 variables at the top of my code
and it looks untidy.
There must be a better way to say to the server:
if I asign a value to a variable, presume it exists.

This only occurs when the main page requests a variable (eg
$showMessage ) and it's not ben asigned..
on other servers, it has just simply shown nothing, cause nothing was found...

Am I being a tool?


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