[thelist] aol ajax problems

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Apr 24 19:42:29 CDT 2008

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> Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> > What is your AOL browsing environment?
> >
> The only AOL instance i have to test with is on a mac actually.   osx,
> and aol 9
> > I also wonder whether AOL's parental controls are interfering (if it
> > isn't able to assess the appropriateness of a response).
> I don't think that's the problem.   The server is returning a 400 code,
> which means aol is 'posting' the params to the server as 'malformed' to
> where the server can't read it.

I think you need to get a packet capture to see what, exactly, your browser is sending to the server. It may be params, or it could be something else completely.


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