[thelist] PHP object to stock statistical data ?

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Fri Apr 25 06:37:45 CDT 2008


I am pretty new to OO in PHP. I was scratching its surface in PHP4.  
Now, slowly migrating our application to PHP5, I would like to use  
that functionality more and more.

Now, for a statistics portal, we have a mechanism to export a selected  
dataset into various formats: XML, CSV, PDF, XLS... For each of these  
exports, I had different PHP files and procedures doing the job.  
Although difficult to get them altogether, I guess it should be  

I guess the best way would be to first inject the data table into an  
object, before than launching them into functions where they are being  
"printed" out correctly after the format choosen by the user, no?

The tables ejected look like this:

name           1980         1981      ....      2006
Albania         45             65          ...       676
Belgium        56             23       ....

Thanks for any hints,



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