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Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Mon May 12 05:02:37 CDT 2008

Fred Jones wrote:
>> Those points seem rather minor.  I can think of a lot more painful
>> things about using Linux.
> All told I think I am not ready for Linux right now. Or it's not ready
> for me.

Hi. Just before you leave Ubuntu for Windows: maybe you would be
interested to use Jedit on Windows? JEDIT is free software and has a lot
of plug-ins. As an editor for developer, it should be able to handle big
files easier. GEdit was like notepad in Windows as JEDIT is like
UltraEdit in Windows. They are not targeting the same group of users.

If you mostly use cross-platform software, it should be easy to decide
to switch to Ubuntu any time in the future when you want to. One of my
friend uses Thunderbird for email, Mozilla for browsing and Eclipse for
development, than his switch to Linux was quite smooth and easy, every
software I use was like it was before, there are only a few
Linux-specific problems. For him the major reason to switch away from
Windows is dis-appreciation of a lot of MS' doings on non-technical
level (e.g. installing XPS printer for everybody and report there are no
known software to open PDF document format in their online library).


On the other hand, 5 years ago my Linux switch was damn hard! It is
because I rely on Visual Studio and I abandoned a lot of my know-how on
Visual Basic, Windows Management Instrument / Console, WSH, ActiveX, MS
Access and MS Publisher before I manage to use Linux. But later I am
very happy to have learned another set of tools like Python, php, vim,
Pearl, shell script, Scribus etc. Funnily, I was an aspiring Microsoft
guy in college and try use MS tool for every purpose in my life (even
for publishing newspaper for the school) and my solo reason to manage
Linux was to prove to everybody that as a qualified Linux user &
developer, I still prefer MS and is able to speak for MS with a solid
background (How young man easily worship idols!). Unfortunately after
hard time I managed Linux, I could not switch back and began to prefer
not to switch back.


If other people suggested to use lftp over filezilla, vim over Jedit,
mysql over GUI-mysql, they are the people started with commandline
environment. You are not in that camp unless if you do wish to start to
learn commandline kongfu. I guess you don't.

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