[thelist] Developing in Linux

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon May 12 09:21:45 CDT 2008

> Respectfully -- you know what the command line is, and you know
> that you can type commands into it.  But the above comment shows
> that you do /not/ know how to /use/ it to your advantage. Typing a
> single command is not a demonstration of anything but the ability
> to spell and push keys.
> And to suggest that the (DOS) "CMD" shell is remotely comparable
> to any of sh/ksh/bash/csh/tcsh betrays a complete lack of familiarity
> and understanding of what you could be doing.

All I intended to convey is that with regards to MySQL, the 
implementation of the command line executable 'mysql' is the same, in my 
experience, between the DOS shell and the bash shell. I was only 
referring to mysql. I meant that in Windows, one has equal access to 
this tool, should he choose to it. I was only referring to mysql, not 
the shell itself.

> What do you do when there's no GUI tool to do what you need to do?
> Some custom processing of 15k files, for instance? That's when the
> power of a good shell comes into play: piping commands together,
> writing a quick bash script, whatever.

When I do need to use ssh so then I use mysql and mysqldump etc. I know 
them and use them, when I need to.

> Or even when there /is/ a tool -- it takes a couple of seconds to resize
> an image from the command line with ImageMagick; compare that to
> the time to start up Photoshop or comparable  to do the same action.

For the sake of argument, compare that with the couple of seconds it 
takes to do the same in IrfanView--it loads VERY fast, I press Ctrl-R 
and type the new size and press Enter. Image is now in front of me for 
viewing and if I am satisfied, I can save it, and if not Ctrl-Z puts it 
back and I can resize again. IrfanView also batch processes images. :)

> But sticking with Windows is OK, because 1) there is a learning curve,
> and 2) if you're always looking for GUI tools to accomplish anything,
> you'll never get far on that curve.

I will point out that many of us remember when there was virtually no 
such thing as a GUI for reading mail in Unix, I being one of them. 
Today, who uses the command line for that? I know there are a few (I 
even know one personally, heh heh) but I would venture to say that would 
they spend a bit of time learning a well-built GUI mail client, they 
would benefit from it. I know I am certainly more productive with mail 
processing with Thunderbird than I could be on a command line. :)


PS: I tried to install Win 2K on my PC. I even deleted all partitions 
and made them fresh and formatted the first one. Didn't work 
unfortunately--something to do with active partition. Experience (once 
many years ago when something like this happened) tells me that this 
problem COULD be fixed, but may take a LONG time. I anyhow am now 
downloaded Ubuntu HH 32 bit and will try to install it. Looks like Linux 
wants me I guess. LOL.

Therefore any further advice, comments, experiences, tool 
recommendations, etc. are appreciated.

I wouldn't normally take so much bandwidth with an issue that is 
somewhat relevant only personally, but anyway thelist is fairly quiet today.

I just wanted to add that it's not as though I can't work on Ubuntu, it 
just seems that several tools are better on Windows. SQLyog I think is 
really a great tool--much faster and easier to use (for local DB server) 
than phpMyAdmin. UltraEdit is an excellent tool, also IrfanView.

I CAN and WAS working, however, on my Linux desktop. I guess I will just 
need to proceed farther down this path. :)

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