[thelist] Developing in Linux

Zeljko Dakic mlist at dakic.com
Mon May 12 10:46:47 CDT 2008

I have to jump in as well :). I love idea of open-source and find Ubuntu
nice to work with. However I too tried to see how it would be and installed
Eclipse which ran horribly and crashed and was all kinds of problems. So I
switched back to Win (Vista, very happy with it) and I still use Ubuntu
quite a bit, just not as main desktop machine. And I think that is just
fine. Same goes for OS X, we bought Mac and I was eager to try and see how
it is sooo great. It isn't, I crashed it so quickly I didn't know what
happened(I tried to install printer), everything requires a lot of clicking
around it is insane, only productive way of using it is if you use it like
linux. Now my wife is using it to browse the net and for skype (great for

All OS'es have their place and while your attempt is noble, use Ubuntu for
things that it is good for and let Win do it's thing. 

BTW, I recently discovered KomodoEdit and I find it really smart editor,
kicks the pants out of TextMate to throw in some names and generally is
great to work with. Free. 
One more observation, in win we have Tortoise GUI client for SVN, one of the
reasons I don't want to use Git just yet.

Zeljko Dakic

-----Original Message-----
> Hi. Just before you leave Ubuntu for Windows: maybe you would be
> interested to use Jedit on Windows? JEDIT is free software and has a lot
> of plug-ins. As an editor for developer, it should be able to handle big
> files easier. GEdit was like notepad in Windows as JEDIT is like
> UltraEdit in Windows. They are not targeting the same group of users.

Gave it a shot before installing Win 2K over Ubuntu. jEdit in Ubuntu 
choked on the file. UltraEdit opened it instantly with no problems.

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