[thelist] Developing in Linux

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon May 12 14:34:51 CDT 2008

> I've been using Linux (RH/Fedora/CentOS mainly) as a primary desktop for 8 
> years or so. I try to avoid the holy wars, but I think there is no comparison 
> with the 'other' more common desktop. KDE feels like a professional finished 
> product, and has some very cool apps that actually work. So my advice would 
> be, if you tried a Gnome desktop and didn't like it, give KDE a try before 
> giving up (Kubuntu is a good option). 

I was thinking of that actually.

> Also VMWare workstation is free(^beer) and works great if you have a little 
> RAM to spare. I don't dual boot anymore, for MSIE testing, Quickbooks, and 
> the occasional Photoshop session (let's face it, Gimp is not quite in the 
> same ballpark) then any of my WinXP installations are ready to wake from 
> suspend in about 10sec. You can even cut-and-paste between desktop and VM. 
> Latest versions are 100% stable and reliable in my experience.

Yes, I am using VirtualBox also--reviews say these two are comparable 

> Konqueror is a great (S)FTP client and filesystem explorer/manager. There is 
> none better in Windows or OSX land that I know of. It also makes a decent web 
> browser. 

Will check it out.

> If you need a GUI for mySQl then have you tried these?
> http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/gui-tools/5.0.html
> I have, but somehow keep going back to the CLI... more typing, true, but funny 
> how its actually faster sometimes. But in any case if you can't live without 
> SQLyog, then W2K would live happily in a VM.

Yes, I have. They don't compare to SQLyog however. :)

The only other tool I have found is DBVisualizer ( 
http://www.minq.se/products/dbvis/ ) which perhaps after I learn it, 
will be as good or better than SQLyog. In the meantime, SQLyog runs fine 
under Wine. :)


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