[thelist] Developing in Linux

Viggie viggie at viggie.com
Tue May 13 07:10:28 CDT 2008

I went through all the replies to Fred's post in uBuntu forum and here.
I should say that I feel almost exactly the way he feels.  

I've been using CentOS as server (no GUI) for years, and all the
applications I use in my windows PC were either open source or freeware
applications.  So I thought why not shift to linux.  I'm using SuseLinux
Enterprise Desktop 10 now.   I too am not very happy with my shift, but
sticking with it for about six months.

Being a web developer some of invaluable tools in Windows were 
1. IrfanView (it's easy to overlook how much time I've shaved using this
until I switched to Suse) - quick modifications on images, creation of
favicons were faster.  You can find a lot of linux converts cribbing for
irfanview on the net, just search - irfanview linux - in google.

2. NotePad++ (I haven't used UltraEdit, but my favorite editors are
Notepad++ and NoteTab Light) - notpad++ will not handle bigger files,
but NoteTab Light can.  Otherwise, color coding, finding close tags &
listing out functions in script were faster.

3. SQLyog  - GUI for mysql. (I use command line whenever possible, but
this is my next best).

It's not about using Linux like a Windows machine.  In fact, the issue
is not about OS.  The applications that we miss were not part of OS.
These were freeware applications for Windows.  These were very basic
requirements for a web developer.  We're merely trying to do web
development in a reliable way.


PS:  Fred - try out FireFTP extension in firefox, it's much more stable
than FileZilla.  It can also open web folders with 1000+ files without

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