[thelist] Developing in Linux

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue May 13 08:21:05 CDT 2008

> I've been using CentOS as server (no GUI) for years, and all the
> applications I use in my windows PC were either open source or freeware
> applications.  So I thought why not shift to linux.  I'm using SuseLinux
> Enterprise Desktop 10 now.   I too am not very happy with my shift, but
> sticking with it for about six months.

Very interesting. So why are you sticking with it?

> PS:  Fred - try out FireFTP extension in firefox, it's much more stable
> than FileZilla.  It can also open web folders with 1000+ files without
> crashing.

Good tip. I never tried it on Windows b/c FileZilla 2 is so good. But on 
first glance it looks better than FileZilla 3. I may well use it in 
fact. Thanks!


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