[thelist] Developing in Linux

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed May 14 03:27:38 CDT 2008

 > Minuses
 > -----------------
 > - installing Java

Was easy for me.

 > - gnome desktop is *ugly*. Why do all the fonts have to be so big and 
all the icons take up so much space. Should I be looking at KDE? I 
remember that being better from experience with Red Hat

Yes, Gnome in Ubu 7 is terrible. 8 is much better however.

 > - setting up Apache / PHP / Mysql was (ironically) easier on windows...

For me it was PRECISELY the opposite--Windows is a nightmare and in 
Ubuntu Synaptic has a 'search by term' or something like that--I just 
picked LAMP and it did it all by itself. :)

 > - there just aren't Linux alternatives for some things, so you have 
to run WINE which is a passable user experience at best

Again, Wine I see has a better interface in 8 then 7. But still, not as 
good as Windows, this is true.

 > Pluses
 > - Multiple desktops are way better than alt-tabbing through 15 
running applications

Definitely. :)

I found Ubuntu 8 buggy, installed Debian but it's UGLY and I think it 
may be a headache to get my graphics card working and it has Iceweasel 
not Firefox. I am now downloading PCLinuxOS--supposed to be good for 
noobs like me. :)


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