[thelist] an javascript library to help generate SVG?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Wed May 14 09:03:59 CDT 2008

Hello. Recently I am working on a web project with graphical reporting
related requirements. Luckily in this project the web application is
internally, thus I can use SVG, not to worry about the visitors give up
before installing SVG viewer for IE. For firefox/opera SVG is fine.

I wish to use SVG because I wish to, in the long run, provide more
interactive feature. E.g. in the line-chart, when the user selects a
field, like salary, every other lines representing anything not salary
glooms. Such special interactive is not needed now, but would be nice to
see it possible so in the future we can add it.

But I didn't find a good library yet on the net. Chartsvg
<http://www.hardcoded.net/chartsvg/> looks fine but I have to first
convert my tabular data into XML file in order to use it.

I am looking into and studying WebFX's chart

Anyway, what do you find useful for such purpose?

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