[thelist] can you find out who links to your site?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed May 14 14:24:55 CDT 2008

 From what I read through the SEO forum I subscribe to, although 
link:www.mysite.com is something you can do in the google search field, 
it has a reputation for being either unmanaged or not updated.  I first 
read about it in "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" about 3 or 4 
years ago.  It's a placebo.  I also read or found online somewhere 
entering the following in the google search field:

www.mysite-com -site:www.mysite.com

It delivers more results, but also very incomplete.  The other option, 
Google Webmaster Tools, is what the SEO forum recommends today and what 
is working for me. 

Another inconsistency, if you like, is with: cache:www.mysite.com.

I have seen it way out of date whereas selecting the "cached" link in 
the google output seems far more accurate.  I learned this when I set up 
a 301 redirect and running around in circles, scratching under the bald 


Krystian - Sunlust wrote:
> Definetly the second way, it distinguishes every page from which a
> website linked to you.
> For one website I checked with link:www.example.com I got 8 links,
> when I checked with webmaster tools I got 274 links.
> Regards.
> On 5/14/08, misterhaan <misterhaan at track7.org> wrote:
>> Nan Harbison wrote:
>>> A client of mine wants to know if you can get/buy a list of sites that
>>> link
>>> to your site, maybe from Google or something?

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