[thelist] can you find out who links to your site?

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Wed May 14 14:45:16 CDT 2008

Nan Harbison schreef:

> A client of mine wants to know if you can get/buy a list of sites that link
> to your site, maybe from Google or something?
> Does anyone know this? My first thought is that it is not available, but
> with all of the amazing things you can do on the web, maybe it is.

Much better than using a search engine is using your log files.

A good web analitics program should be able to give you a list with 
referers, sorted by number of referers.

Or, if you're using Linux (or other UNIX clone), you can use this little 
script I wrote:

cd <path-to-your-logfiles>
cat access.log 2008-05-*|grep -v -E "jpg|gif|png"|grep "GET $1"|\
cut -d" " -f11|sort|uniq -c|sort -r -n

Replace <path-to-your-logfiles> with the real path of your logfiles.

Replace "access.log 2008-05-*" with the logfiles in this directory you 
want to analyse.

Edwin Martin


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