[thelist] Call PHP file on table event?

Dave Stevens evolt at davestevens.co.uk
Thu May 15 08:52:29 CDT 2008

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> How are INSERTs being done?
> If you have one data access class handling each operation on this
> table, of course you can do whatever you want there. OTOH, if multiple
> processes are allowed to write to it, you're probably SOL.  :-)

Hmm, you make a good point and come at the problem from a different 
angle than I was thinking from.

There are multiple processes at present writing to the table, however 
these could be condensed to a single data access class. It was the 
original programmer's choice, not necessity, that caused the current 
situation to be the case.

Thanks for sending my mind off in a different direction!


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