[thelist] load testing tools and concurrency

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Fri May 16 09:54:20 CDT 2008

Thanks, Paul and Peter, for recommending Apache JMeter.  Looks like an  
excellent tool; I've played with it for about an hour now and it seems  
to be able to do all I could ask and much, much more.  If you've  
happened to have used JMeter and come up with a tried-and-true Test  
Plan, please pass it on or send along your suggestions for useful test  

I'd also appreciate your feedback on concurrent requests:
> Now, as sidebar: this particular application (which was built using  
> MySQL + Python + Apache) seems slow with sequential reads, but even  
> worse when concurrent requests are used.  I'm being told that this  
> isn't possible, since the server should be able to queue requests as  
> they come in, sequential or otherwise.  While that seems evident,  
> sequential reads return results, while concurrent reads (in any  
> quantity: 10, 5, even 2) result in time-outs much more often.  Any  
> thoughts on this?


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