[thelist] Avoiding the junk folder

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sat May 17 05:40:56 CDT 2008


Mail comes from a domain, but is sent by a particular host. The domain in the From: doesn't need to match the domain of the host in the reverse DNS (otherwise everyone who hosts mail at an ISP wouldn't be able to send mail). This particular message would be delivered to Evolt's servers by a mail server something.exetel.com.au yet this particular message will be from ken at adOpenStatic.com (and I'm assuming it's not going to end up in your junk mail folder)

That said, consider setting up SPF records in the DNS to state that the particular host in question is allowed to send mail for your domain.


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I have contact forms posting to a send mail script which uses php mail
on Windows 2003.

The mail is sent from myDedicatedServer.co.uk but obviously I want the
recipient to see the sender as foo at myDomain.co.uk

Spam filters will check to see if the email is really coming from where
the from, to and return fields say its coming from.

So how can I ensure that I won't fall fowl of the spam filters?

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