[thelist] javascript superstar sought for brief engagement

Aaron Vegh aaronvegh at gmail.com
Sun May 18 22:10:30 CDT 2008

Hi there!
I'm good with the CSS and the PHP, but I'm weak in Javascript. For a
current job that's very important to me, I've been asked to implement
an "accordion" style navigation, where the user clicks on a nav item
and a list of items slide out below it. In this case, there are two
versions of the nav that I have to prepare: the first is relatively
simple with just one level of drop-downs. The second set is on the
lower level of pages, and has the user drill down to more pages
beneath the selected one.
I've gotten this to work pretty well in Safari and Firefox and IE7;
you can view them here:


It breaks down in IE6. :-P Gaps appear within some lists. I need to
have that fixed so it works reliably and smoothly in all browsers.

Also, the client wants the arrow to turn when an item is selected.
I've been so focused on getting the slide to work at all that I
haven't dealt with this issue!

If you feel you can perform this job within the next two days, send me
a price and I'll be happy to pay it (within reason, natch).


Aaron Vegh, Principal
Innoveghtive Inc.
P: (647) 477-2690
C: (905) 924-1220

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