[thelist] graphics/css failure to load

graham.hays graham.hays at visualcomputing.co.uk
Mon May 19 09:09:11 CDT 2008

Hi all

I use a hosted VS (on 1and1 [Fedora and Apache]) and when sites on the
server are accessed via a hard connection (ie ADSL) they work fine; on my
test server [on my development machine] they always work 100% of the time
HOWEVER where I live in rural Spain the only Internet access I have is using
a satellite (bidirectional) connection and that's where the fun starts.

Over the sat connection (100Mbps max) sites on the VS frequently have
graphics files that only seem to part load (ie only the top half of the
image appears), Flash doesn't appear at all and CSS frequently doesn't load.
Doing a refresh usually clears the CSS load problem but the graphics problem
clear maybe 50% of the time.

I'm lost on this one - any pointers/ideas? {other than giving up :) )

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