[thelist] Developing in Linux

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue May 20 17:45:04 CDT 2008

>> PS: I tried to install Win 2K on my PC. I even deleted all partitions 
>> and made them fresh and formatted the first one. Didn't work 
>> unfortunately--something to do with active partition.
> How big is the HD you're trying to install on? Original W2K installation
> media understands HDs only up to about 128G. I don't know the details, but if
> that's your problem, maybe you could get it to install by pre-partitioning
> with a GLP partitioner from http://www/ultimatebootcd.com/ or
> http://gpartedclonz.tuxfamily.org/download.php

That was a stroke of genius, my friend. I don't think I EVER would have 
figured out that Win 2K can't handle a drive bigger than 137 G without a 
registry tweak.

To install, anyhow, I needed nothing more than a Ubuntu LiveCD--setting 
up the NTFS partition (within the first 137 G of course) cleanly is 
doable there and then Win 2K can be installed onto that.


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