[thelist] thunderbird / textwrap

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu May 22 10:37:43 CDT 2008

This has been fatiguing me for a while, time to ask.

I use thunderbird for email.  I commonly see a couple problems that are 
curious (and I have looked through the options for obvious 
configurations). Wrap plain text messages is set to 10000 characters and 
I have forwarding set to inline.

1) Generally to separate two passages I will hit the carriage return 
twice.  This works inconsistently. Whether it is the hosting provider or 
tbird I commonly see one of the carraige returns completely ignored in 
email cc or email list copies, the problem being that it makes it look 
like one giant blob versus several thought out separate blobs...

2) In a message I sent to a client moments ago, the paragraphs were 
beautiful, text wrapping wonderfully as you expand/narrow the message 
view window.  However I had several items in a bulleted list.  Word wrap 
broke on all at somewhere around 70 characters.  Almost just as ugly, 
one of the lines backed off and joined the previous line  (as in shift-j 
in v.i.).


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