[thelist] Website Hacked?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat May 24 19:52:18 CDT 2008

no feedback on how it happened, however regarding backups...

depending on your provider and service level you might also want to 
supplement their backup routine with your own.  Once a month full 
backups and irregular incremental backups are common - and this isn't 
good enough.  Requesting backups takes time as does having them do the 
work.  For this reason I run a daily cron backup job on my sites using a 
database.  The backup files get named for the day, so it's easy to get a 
fast restore if necessary.  I remove very old backup files (except for 
perhaps one per month) once I feel comfortable. -Bob

Chris Anderson wrote:
>> I'd appreciate any feedback on what possibly happened, as well as what

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