[thelist] Sending Tabular data with mail()

Jeffrey Barke jeffrey.barke at themechanism.com
Sun May 25 11:16:09 CDT 2008

> Of course, once you plod through these, you'll probably want to take
> Ken's advice: find an object or API that rolls all this up for you.

> I put that together in my early days of using php. I'm sure I'd do it
> differently now but, primitive though it was, it worked and I  
> learned a
> lot about how emails are constructed.

> That said, I'm surprised that you'd need to use something so  
> primitive to construct a message. Surely there's some other object  
> you can use that allows you to construct a message in a more user  
> friendly way?

Hence my comment on 23 May 2008 about only using PHP's mail() function  
to send text emails and using Richard Heyes' mime mail class (PHP 4  
and 5 versions) for anything more complex.

Note this is the same class used to power phplist.


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