[thelist] recommend a CMS system?

Manfred manfred at manfredk.com
Wed May 28 05:23:10 CDT 2008

Also have a look at

cmsimple3_1 <http://www.cmsimple.dk>

phpcms-1.2.2 <http://www.phpcms.de>

Both very lightweight and easy to setup and update



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Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Dear all
> Recently we are working on a non-profit project that needs an
> information system for internal and external communication. I am looking
> for an opensource CMS system for this because we surely will add a lot
> of customization to it.
> Requirements are:
> publish news
>     better allow comments and RSS feed
> knowledge base
>     HTML-based, better with comment, rating and must be full-text
>     searchable, flexible permission so we can define users who can
>     submit questions or new article idea (or stub, using wikipedia term)
>     and who can modify, categorize and publish them.
> forum integration
>     including the possibility to put the hottest topics on the web for
>     users to access;
> prefer PHP over other programming languages
>     we are somewhat professional at PHP.
> high quality of program logic / presentation separation
>     after it's done a HTML/CSS knowledgeable person will maintain it and
>     we try avoid her to have to modify javascript/php code in order to
>     achieve different look. Having good logic / presentation separation
>     also means it is easier themeable.
> ldap integration
>     would be fine to have. As we probably integrate new services on it.
> Public calendar feature
>     for events.
> I am looking through directories of existing CMS for evaluation and very
> much appreciate help from you if you are already experienced with some
> of such products.
> Thanks a lot!

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